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Charitable donations delivered at The Arches

The Arches and what we do

Our desire is to demonstrate God’s love in a practical way.

We start with compassion, making time to listen and hear people’s stories and find out how we can help meet their needs.

About The Arches

In 2001, Trent Vineyard started The Arches. Trent Vineyard is a large contemporary church in Nottingham with a vision to serve and help those in need, the disadvantaged and the socially excluded in Nottingham.

A row of derelict arches under Abbey Bridge was converted and renovated into a place to store and distribute furniture, household goods, clothing, baby equipment and emergency food. After 11 years of growth, we moved into a building on Lenton Lane, next to Trent Vineyard.

With over 200 volunteers, mainly from Trent Vineyard, The Arches is able to reach out to thousands of vulnerable people, taking referrals from over 100 organisations in Nottingham.

The Arches warehouse shop floor

What We Do

We provide practical support

The Arches provides practical support free of charge to those in emergency situations and financial hardship who have been referred to us. They might have recently been housed with very little, be fleeing from domestic violence or seeking asylum. We aim to provide essentials to help with the immediate need and can also provide one-off emergency food parcels when needed.

We develop community

We have a number of additional groups that aim to build and encourage ongoing relationships, not only between our volunteers and visitors, but also among our visitors themselves. These include small groups, women's groups, a group for pre-school children and their parents, coffee lounge and the opportunity to practise conversational English. Take a look at our events

We provide ongoing support

The Arches has a number of additional services to offer visitors who wish to engage in ongoing support, helping them back on their feet one step at a time. We developed The Arches Inspiring Change Programme to empower people, giving them the skills to move on in their lives, which could include future employment. We also run a furniture restoration workshop where we take placements from partner agencies.

Stories of how Jesus changes lives

  • The Arches - Dawid's story 2 Play Video Icon

    Dawid’s story

    Following surgery on tumours on his thyroid, Dawid developed learning memory and speech difficulties. He came to help paint the building, not realising what impact The Arches would have on his life.

  • The Arches - Alex' story 2 Play Video Icon

    Alex's story

    Alex is a recovering alcoholic and was more or less on the streets. He was kicked out of his flat and ended up in a dry house. He started to volunteer at The Arches, finding space to start fresh.

Meet the team

  • Helen Murphy image

    Helen Murphy

    Helen is the founder and leader of The Arches. She continues to be passionate about serving those in need in this city and developing the teams and work of The Arches.

  • Cathy Gretton image

    Cathy Gretton

    Cathy oversees all things family and community as well as the practical areas of The Arches.

  • Rich Bolton image

    Rich Bolton

    Rich oversees many of the community aspects of The Arches including Living Room, Small Group, and Friday Service.

  • Sue Borghisani image

    Sue Borghisani

    Sue loves pioneering new initiatives that allow people to encounter Jesus and have their lives transformed by Him.

  • Katy Fisher image

    Katy Fisher

    Katy leads the team of Project Workers and oversees Safeguarding and Reception.

  • Marie Hammond image

    Marie Hammond

    Marie coordinates our Arches Trading activity, including the Arches Attic shop and is our Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Bryony Lunn image

    Bryony Lunn

    Bryony heads up administration and oversees the office team at The Arches.

  • Jenny McDonald image

    Jenny McDonald

    Jenny oversees Saturday Coordinators and coordinates a Saturday team of volunteers monthly.

  • John Pagdin image

    John Pagdin

    John is responsible for supporting practical provision at The Arches, including donations, deliveries and collections. He is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the databases.

  • Abigail Brown image

    Abigail Brown

    Abigail administrates our Refugee Befriending scheme, works with Nottingham Citizens and coordinates the Discipleship Year volunteers' time at The Arches.

  • Emily Humphrey image

    Emily Humphrey

    Emily is our fundraiser and ensures funds come in to The Arches though a number of channels via the local community and further afield. She also supports our business development.

The Arches community group

"It’s a privilege to come alongside and build relationships with people from all walks of life, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, offering support to those who are facing difficult circumstances for many different reasons. With openness and vulnerability, people have shared their stories with us. And as a team, we constantly feel humbled and inspired by the amazing and resilient people we meet."

Helen Murphy