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Project work at The Arches in Nottingham

Making a referral to The Arches: please don't refer whilst we are closed

We aim to complement existing practical provision across Nottingham

We take referrals from a range of organisations across our city. Our aim is to meet people’s urgent practical needs for furniture and household items and then invite visitors back to The Arches community groups where they can find friendship and support. We accept referrals for those in an emergency situation and financial hardship, whether it’s setting up home for the first time or starting again after a relationship breakdown, domestic violence or fire.

How to make a referral: please do not refer whilst we are closed.

A referral can be made by a support worker or other professional who knows the visitor’s situation. We do not accept self-referrals. Existing referrers please click here. New referrers please request a referral form by completing the online enquiries form below.

What happens next?

Once you’ve referred a visitor to us, please ask them to come along to one of our drop-in sessions at The Arches on a Thursday or Saturday morning at 10.00am. We don’t contact visitors before this time. You’re welcome to come along. You can also arrange an appointment to come with your visitor on a Tuesday morning by calling us during opening hours.

Referral Enquiry

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Serving tea and toast at The Arches

"What I’ve noticed about The Arches is the respect and humanity shown towards the young people from the Youth Offending Team. I’m aware the project is underpinned by Christian ideals and I for one have been wary of such projects. However, I’ve found that Christianity here simply manifests itself in the positive and understanding way young people are treated. The scheme encourages young people to feel good about themselves and for the time they’re there, it’s made clear that what they’re doing goes to help others less fortunate than themselves."

Youth Offending Team